Meet the Team


The 2018 Squan-A-Thon team consists of  dedicated and passionate students and motivated advisors who volunteer their time and energy to make Squan-A-Thon possible. 



                                  Paul Battaglia                                                                                                                         Pat McKenzie


Mr. Battaglia started Squan-A-Thon for many reasons. The most important reasons were to change the culture at MHS and inspire students to challenge themselves to do more for others. Squan-A-Thon is a special cause that requires a tremendous amount of effort, passion, and creativity. It's this challenge that Mr. Battaglia enjoys the most. He uses his business background to come up with unique marketing and communications ideas to further promote Squan-A-Thon.

If you can't find him teaching math, you will definitely catch him at 7 am in some sort of Squan-A-Thon meeting with one or more committee members!


Mrs. McKenzie is now retired from Manasquan High School after being a technology teacher for 20 years.  Mrs. McKenzie and Mr. Battaglia were discussing Penn State University's THON which is the largest philanthropic student run organization in the world and thought it would be great if MHS could do the same with our students.  All money raised at THON is for pediatric cancer patients.  Both Mr. Battaglia and Mrs. McKenzie's daughter Katie are graduates of Penn State and the desire began to create Squan-A-Thon in a similar fashion to THON.  Squan-A-Thon is an event that is so special in that faculty, students, parents and community members get a chance to give back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  There is nothing greater than giving to others. 




Tom Beaton

Thomas Beaton is a senior from Brielle. He has participated in Squanathon for the past two years and is currently on the marketing committee. He also is a part of the Academic Team and Student Council.  His favorite part of Squanathon is seeing the amount of money raised at the end of the night. He can't wait to make this year's Squanathon a great one.

Chris Black

Chris Black is a senior from Spring Lake Heights. He is involved in many clubs and activities at the high school including the men's soccer team, key club, and catholic youth organization. Chris is very excited for Squanathon 2018 and knows that we can make it the best one yet! Let's get to work. 

Marilyn Bolderman

Marilyn is a junior from Manasquan and is excited to be part of the marketing and communications team for her third Squanathon. When she isn’t dancing #FTK, she is dancing at Dance For Joy in Brielle. Her favorite part of Squanthon is the reveal of the money raised in the morning and of course, helping the local kids in need. She is so excited to work on the team to make Squanathon 2018 the best Squanathon yet!

Pia Donadeo

Pia is a junior at MHS and has participated in Squanathon twice. She can't wait to take on the job of being a committee member this year! She works at August and Scout in Manasquan and prior to that job worked at Surf Taco. In the winter she organized a toy drive for kids at Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Hospital in New Brunswick which was a big success. When Pia's not at work you can find her on the beach with friends and family. Pia's favorite part of Squanathon is at the end when everyone is eager to find out the amount of money raised. When the final results get shown you can see how happy everyone in the room is whether its volunteers or dancers. As a 2017-18 committee member, Pia can’t wait to see how much money we raise this year and the smiles that fill the room when we unveil those famous numbers!

Olivia Easton

Olivia is a senior and will be participating in her fourth Squanathon and this is her second year on the committee! She lives in Manasquan and can't imagine living anywhere else. Olivia is a varsity cheerleader and was just elected Vice President of student council. Two years ago Liv received a black belt in Taekwondo. To feed her shopping obsession she works at The Committed Pig. She enjoys volunteering and helping others on the weekend with her family. Liv's favorite part of Squanathon is the next day when everyone starts to wake up and post pictures and videos on social media about how much fun they had! 

Kendall Grogan

Kendall is a senior from Manasquan.  She has participated in Squanathon every year in high school, and she cannot wait to be on the committee for her final year.  Kendall does stats for the boys basketball team, is a Freshman Transition leader, and is part of National Honors Society.  In the summer, you can find her either in the ocean or checking badges at Manasquan beach.  Kendall is on the Food/Facilities Committee, and she is beyond excited to make Squanathon 2018 the most successful year yet!

Darcy Hesketh

Darcy is a senior at MHS from Spring Lake and is eager to bring her ideas to the 2018 Squanathon committee. She is a Freshman Transition leader and is involved in school organizations such as Hands Together Club, Environmental Club, and the Academy of Health Careers. Darcy decided to become part of the 2018 committee after witnessing her Grandpa battle cancer; she hopes to help families  in his honor, through Squanathon.  Her favorite parts of the night include using the photo booth, Zumba, and when the grand total is displayed. Darcy is driven to make Squanathon 2018 the best year yet as a member of the entertainment committee!

Brian Heine

Brian is a junior and has participated in Squanathon for two years. At the end of the night he always looks forward to the committee revealing the final number because everyone gets so excited. On top of being a part of the committee, Brian is in the Warrior Marching Band, Spring Lake Fire Department, and Spring Lake Police Explorers. This year he hopes that he can bring something new to Squanathon and help it have another successful year. 

Savannah Hobbie

Savannah is a senior from Spring Lake. Ever since her brother participated in Squanathon in 2012, Savannah knew she wanted to be a part of the amazing night that is Squanathon. She has participated her freshman year and is very grateful to be a two-year committee member. Savannah is involved in Hands Together, Tutoring Club, Key Club, We Stand Together, and Peer Leaders. Her favorite parts of Squanathon are when everybody comes together and does Zumba, and when the numbers are raised at the end of the night. Along with her fellow committee members, she strives to make this year the best one yet.

Brooke Kelly

Brooke is a junior from Brielle.  She has participated in Squanathon the past two years.  Brooke is on the soccer team, a member of National Honor Society, Key Club, and Academy of Finance.  She loves going to the beach and working at Coney Waffle in Belmar.  Her favorite part of the event is listening to speakers who have personally been helped by Squanathon.  Brooke is so excited for Squanathon 2018 and can’t wait to make it the best one yet!

Maggie Kelly

Maggie is a senior and Brooke's sister!  She is a two-year committee member! You will see her going for long runs, playing soccer or basketball, or making acai bowls at the infamous Playa Bowls! Maggie is also involved with Life is Good Club, Key Club, and National Honor Society. Her favorite part of Squanathon is the Zumba! She loves dancing around at 2 in the morning & and can't wait to do it again this year!!!

Caroline Lembo

Caroline is a senior from Brielle.  She participated in Squanathon her first three years at MHS and is now on the marketing committee for her last year. You can find her hanging at the beach or working at her favorite store, Waterlily. Caroline is also involved in Life is Good Club, Key Club, and the Academy of Finance.  She is excited to help out the families in need and make Squanathon 2018 the best year yet!

Terry Mahon

Terry has participated in Squanathon for three years, and he is excited to be spending his last year as part of the team. He works at Strollos and the Columns in the summer, along with Patrick's pub in the winter. When he's not working, he's usually hanging out with friends, usually on the beach.... or eating. Terry's favorite part of Squanathon is the joy that fills the gym in the morning when the final amount is revealed, and the excitement of the thought of all the people's lives we had had an impact on. He can't wait for 2018 to be the most memorable year yet! 

Phoebe Mervine

Phoebe is a senior from Brielle who is very excited to be on the committee this year. She wanted to join Squanathon to help make a difference in the community and help families in need. Phoebe enjoys playing soccer and softball during the school year, participating in clubs around the school, and playing piano in her free time. You can also find her working at Brielle Bagels on the weekends! She is looking forward to being on the marketing team and hopes to get many sponsors and donations to make this year a huge success!

Erin Nolan

Erin is a senior from Brielle. She has participated in Squanathon every year. Her favorite place to go is the the beach in the summer. She plays tennis in the spring for the high school team. Erin is a member of the Dancers/Chaperones committee and is ready to gather more dancers for the event. Erin has always wanted to be a part of the Squanathon committee and is excited to take part in helping the families in need.

Harley Pilling

Harley is a senior from Brielle and loves to play lacrosse and go to the beach with her friends. Harley is a part of the marketing and communications team. She first did Squanathon because cancer has hurt her family and she doesn't want it to hurt anyone else’s family. Harley wants Squanathon to spread throughout more towns and make a difference in even more people's lives than it does now and she can’t wait to get to work on Squanathon 2018!

Gillian Roberts

Gillian is a senior from Manasquan. She has participated in Squanathon for two years and is excited for the year to come. She is also the President of the MHS Drama Club and on the executive board of the MHS Symphonic Choir. Her favorite part of Squanathon is the last hour with the excitement of pushing to the end. She is looking forward to working on the Dancer/Chaperone committee and seeing how Squanathon becomes the event that it is. 

Marilyn Shaughnessy

Marilyn is a senior from Manasquan. This is going to be her third year involved in Squanathon and she couldn't be more excited. You can see Marilyn running on the boardwalk or playing volleyball with her friends. She loves volunteering in her community and at a battered women's shelter. Her favorite memories of Squanathon include dancing with her friends and seeing the total number of money raised by the end of the night. She is very excited to work behind the scenes and make this the best year yet!

Lyndsey Starkey

Lyndsey is a member of the Entertainment team.  She did Squanathon because she wants to make it fun and enjoyable, so more and more people come and join. Squanathon means getting people together to fight for a cure. Lyndsey is a senior and she likes to swim and make people laugh. She hopes everyone comes out to join Squanathon for a memorable night! #FTK

Bridget Walsh

Bridget is a senior from Manasquan. This is her fourth year participating in Squanathon and she is on the dancer committee. Bridget is a member of the Manasquan swim team and the National Honor Society. In her spare time you can find her babysitting or lounging on the beach with a good book. Bridget, along with the rest of her committee members, cannot wait to contribute all that she can to get more students involved and increase our total fundraising. 

Erin Weber

Erin is a senior this year and is enjoying everything that Manasquan High School has to offer. After coming from Avon Elementary School, with a graduation class of 20 kids, she could not wait to get to know a lot more people at Manasquan. When she first heard of Squanathon she thought it was a "nice" idea one can say, but when she participated in her first real Squanathon night at the school, she was nothing but inspired and eager to do more. The next day she looked for the Squanaton team member application online. You could say the rest is history! This year will be Erin's second year on the committee!