Squan-A-Thon will be held on Friday, March 21, 2014.  Being a participant
at Squan-A-Thon is a tremendous honor and our students are very lucky to be able
to have this experience. We are able to show the entire community, for the fifth
time, what makes Manasquan High School such a special place.

We all are helping to save a life, to bring a smile and lend a helping hand
to families dealing with the tragedy of cancer or other serious illnesses within
our community.  Our students truly make a sacrifice of their time and energy to
help one another and that is something not easily done.  We allow giving back to
be a positive experience. We love every minute of our event and we NEVER, EVER
forget why we are here.

Our slogan for this year is "Fight Like A Warrior; Celebrate Like A
Survivor." This year we will exemplify the Manasquan Warrior Spirit, by fighting
to stay up all night to put an end to cancer. Throughout this challenging night
we will honor those who fight this ongoing battle of cancer and celebrate the
many that have surpassed this obstacle.

Squan-A-Thon is a 12 hour dance-a-thon that will test the limits of our
student body. It will test one's endure, mental fortitude but will leave one
knowing they made a change. We want our students to take advantage of every
opportunity and know that the faculty, friends, family, committee chairpersons,
committee members, and organizations will be rooting them on! We know our
students have what it takes and remember we will fight like a warrior and we
will celebrate like a survivor!