Meet the Team


The 2015 Squan-A-Thon team consists of 24 dedicated and passionate students and two motivated advisors who volunteer their time and energy to make Squan-A-Thon possible. 



                    Paul Battaglia:                                                                               Pat McKenzie:


Mr. Battaglia started Squan-a-Thon for many reasons. The most important reasons were to change the culture at MHS and inspire students to challenge themselves to do more for others. Squan-a-Thon is a special cause that requires a tremendous amount of effort, passion, and creativity. It's this challenge that Mr. Battaglia enjoys the most. He uses his business background to come up with unique marketing and communications ideas to further promote Squan-a-Thon.

If you can't find him teaching math, you will definitely catch him at 7 am in some sort of Squan-a-Thon meeting with one or more committee members!


Mrs. McKenzie has been a technology teacher at Manasquan High School for 20 years.  Five years ago Mrs. McKenzie and Mr. Battaglia were discussing Penn State University's THON which is the largest philanthropic student run organization in the world.  All money raised at THON is for pediatric cancer patients.  Both Mr. Battaglia and Mrs. McKenzie's daughter Katie are graduates of Penn State and the desire began to create  Squan-A-Thon in a similar fashion to THON.  Squan-A-Thon is an event that is so special in that faculty, students, parents and community members get a chance to give back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  There is nothing greater than giving to others.  People will never remember what you do for yourself; they will always remember what you have done for others.



Jenn Alvarez
Shannon Schatzman
Kerry Weiland


Nicholle Beese
Julia Graney
Mackenzie Grogan
Johanna Keosseian
Sydney Osso
Anna Steenland


Caroline Bilotti
Sam DiUbaldi
Alanna Verdi


Amanda Barry
Erin Beaton
Olivia Galinis
Emma Murphy
Liam Tobin


Eric Dzenis
Keely Flood
Josie Millard
Shannon Walsh


Reed Melchionda
Kelly Nolan
Kat Wallace